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DV7 Continues to Expand, Establishes New Academy in Dominican Republic

When thinking of the Dominican Republic, soccer usually doesn’t come to mind. Instead, people think of baseball and names like David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, and Robinson Cano. The up-and-coming stars of the soccer world like Mariano Diaz Mejia go largely unrecognized. But due of to the progress of soccer in the Dominican Republic, the DV7…

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DV7 Korea Player Joins El Planter For The 2016-17 Season

Ever since the beginning of the DV7 Soccer Academy project over a year ago, one of the main objectives for everyone inside the company was to create a network of academies in which children could interact with different cultures around the world. Thanks to DV7 Soccer Academy’s resources, and to strategic partners, this is finally…

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DV7 grand opening in Valencia and Asturias

Last weekend David Villa traveled to Spain because the MLS break, and presented the first two DV7 Soccer Academies in their country. CD El Planter in Puzol (Valencia) and UD Llanera (Asturias) are the new two clubs as part of the global network of academies of David Villa. After these two presentations are now six…

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