Javi Pérez: “It is a unique experience and opportunity to play in the U.S.”

After successful trials at El Planter-DV7 for player selection, Javi Perez de Lucia shares in first person how he has settled in the U.S. after being the first player to obtain an athletic scholarship thanks to the resources and partnerships of DV7 Soccer Academy.

Question: How is the DV7 Experience going so far?

Answer: It’s been a lot smoother than I expected. Everyone here is focused on aiding and facilitating matters, especially for the internationals. There is always someone focused on you and available to help with whatever is needed.

Question: What motivated you to begin this journey?

Answer: The opportunity to finish my academic career is what motivated me. Here everything is made available for athletes. The class schedules are adapted to training schedules and everything revolves around the sport. Most importantly, I can continue to grow as a player in a professional setting surrounded by amazing individuals.

Question: Why would you encourage players to participate in our selection trials?

Answer: I would encourage all players to participate in this journey because, first of all, you can secure an educational career, and secondly, you are in a professional soccer environment, which in Spain is only found in top flight clubs. It is a unique experience and opportunity to play in the U.S.

Question: What is your perspective on growth in the USA?

Answer: I believe this experience will help me grow as a person now that I must learn how to develop in another country, and learn a new language. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to dedicate myself to what I enjoy the most which is playing soccer, and opportunities like this are very rare.

More information on the DV7 Experience here.

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