DV7 Korea Player Joins El Planter For The 2016-17 Season

Ever since the beginning of the DV7 Soccer Academy project over a year ago, one of the main objectives for everyone inside the company was to create a network of academies in which children could interact with different cultures around the world. Thanks to DV7 Soccer Academy’s resources, and to strategic partners, this is finally a possibility.

One of the product DV7 offers to its public is the International Academy program. The goal is to attract players from all over the world, of any nationality, to the DV7 Academy, El Planter in Valencia, Spain. The purpose of this initiative is to incorporate young players to the different teams at the academy for an entire season or for a shorter time depending on the circumstances.

Kim Seongtae, 18, South Korea native, has been playing the game of soccer ever since he can remember. Seongtae is part of DV7 Korea, the DV7 Soccer Academy affiliate in South Korea. Seongtae was the first player ever to be part of the International Academy program, and as of October 2016, Seongtae has been part of El Planter academy in Valencia. This opportunity surged when Joaquin García, current El Planter coach, was in Korea before his experience at Valencia and noticed Seongtae’s level, and decided he was a fit candidate for this program. Seongtae was also enrolled at a high school so that he could continue his studies while learning English and Spanish. He will continue to play with his team for the remainder of the season.

“The rhythm of play in Spain is faster, and the players a tactically sharp. But in terms of technicality and physicality, Korea can definitely keep up with Spain.”, said Seongtae when comparing the difference between playing in Korea and Spain. When asked how he has had to adapt to life in Valencia he said, “The language barrier has been the main struggle, but I enjoy the food and lifestyle. Fortunately, I have adapted well within the team, and I embrace my important role in the mid-field with the U-18 El Planter team.”

Seongtae is just the first of the many players that will be part of DV7 Soccer Academy’s International Program. For more information on the program contact us at info@dv7socceracademy.com.


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